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April 01

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January 29

Meet first new products 2021!

Holidays are over but it doesn't mean there are no reasons to be happy. In order to lift the spirits of all Clients and Consultants in Europe, 4 new products came from the very heart of Siberia!

January 28

Shipping cost in 2021

Siberian Wellness always aims to make the process of products purchasing and delivery the most comfortable and fast for their Clients.

January 01

December 23

December 22

December 21

December 03

Meet the updated herbal tea series by Siberian Wellness!

We are meticulous about our recipes, carefully preserving the products beloved by our Clients and Consultants, so everyone can enjoy true Siberia every day. But our team always strives to make things brighter, more interesting and more modern. That is why today we are presenting you the updated series of the Company's herbal tea!

November 27

Updated "Chronolong": created for your beauty and nature care!

Our Company strives not only to create new products, but also to improve the old ones. Today we are glad to present you an improved version of the legendary "Chronolong"!