Special Siberian Wellness Program about happiness, health and optimism

This is a page of happiness

Here you can become a little happier and charge others with happiness, which is often the same thing.

Soon you'll have happy chips that can be exchanged for real products; you'll collect many happy moments, doing good deeds and involving others in happiness.

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Bonuses, chips and achievements: what is in store for you?

  • Natural and effective Siberian products

    in exchange for happy chips

  • Bright and cheerful stickers and achievements for social networks

    in exchange for the good deeds (“moments of happiness”)

  • Daily tips on how to become happy

    by sharing happiness with others or just making the world a better place (see the catalog of happy moments)

Happy chips

Your personal bonuses that you get when registering or buying happy products.
You can exchange them for desired products from the Company's E-shop. A happy chip is a hard currency in the world of happiness. One happy chip is equal to RUB

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Happy moments

Your activities, for which you can also get happy chips and achievements for social networks.

  • Open catalog, select any from the list and add a description.
  • If you find nothing suitable in catalog, create your own moment. Go to the catalog, click "Add your moment" – and act!

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Make your Happy Box – choose one product from each category.
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Happy Box contents (50 points):

Together with Siberian Wellness:

Happy moments of Siberian Wellness

  • baikal

    More than 50 million rubles were spent on the conservation and protection of Lake Baikal.

  • irbis

    170 eco-projects were implemented (from the salvation of saker falcons and snow leopards to territories greening)

  • forest

    We launched the "Green Wave" volunteer movement. Over 30,000 people were involved in the environmental movement.

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